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The Water Tower is the well-known symbol of Siófok, which stands in the center of the town (Adresse: 11. Fő tér.) The tower was full renewed in 2012, to the centenary of its built. This monument has several specialties, such as two panorama elevators bring the guests to the belvedere floor and there you can see the breathtaking Balaton-panorama.

In the 45 m high building (was built1912 by the plans of Jenő Gergely and Árpád Gut) guests will experience 4 high quality amusement and relaxation space, the 360˚ open belvedere, Water Tower Café, Szentkirályi Oxygen Bar and Samsung Experience Center. The curiosity of the highest floor is that you can enjoy the beautiful round panorama sitting by a drink as the flour turns around with your table.

The Water Tower is OPEN to visit during the whole year!

This is an excellent choice if you looking for full amusement and relaxation, with renewing program offers and with an innovative touch of the future technologies.

History Year in Numbers

  • 1912 the Water tower was built.
    Built the water tower
  • Plumbing system reconstruction, the City gets the water from Lake Balaton.
  • Successfully managed to operate the Water tower again.
    Operational again
  • "Retired" - operation is over, the Tower became a tourist attraction and the symbol of Siófok.
  • 22. June. – Centenary! the Water tower is 100 years old!
    100 years
  • 1911
    Plans of Árpád Guth and Jenő Gergely
  • 1914
    I. ww
    Limited access to water
  • 1944
    II. ww
    During World War 2, an anti-tank cannon damaged to the Water Tower
  • 1973
    The new water storage waas built, so original function of the water tower becomes redundant.
  • 2010-2012
    Renewal of the main square and reborn of the Water tower

Before & After

Drag the slider in the middle to see the development of water towers over the years.


Water Tower belvedere 360°

Click on the picture and take a look around our virtual!

3D View

Full, 360˚ sight towards the Lake Balaton and Somogy County. Breathtaking sunsets, exciting discovery of the landscape as long as you can see. Make your holiday unforgettable with a photo that you take about the sight from the Water Tower.


Stunning view of 360 °, as far as the eye can see.

Water Tower Café and Oxygenbar

95% pure oxygen!

The café is refreshment for the body as the eyes. By the sight of the amazing round panorama the guests can relax with delicious coffee specialties, refreshments and cakes. Enjoy the view of Balaton and the harmony of culinary amusements. Top your visit in Siófok with a drink in the Water Tower.

The Oxygen Bar of the Water Tower offers the best air cocktail for you. Try the 95% clear oxygen, breath after the hampered respiration of the city. Fill yourself with fresh oxygen, bring the energy with you!

2 Water Tower - Drinks
Water Tower - Drinks 3
4 Water Tower - Drinks
Water Tower - Drinks 5
6 Water Tower - Drinks
Water Tower - Drinks 7
8 Water Tower - Drinks
Water Tower - Drinks 9
10 Water Tower - Drinks
Water Tower - Drinks 11

Samsung Experience Center

Part 360 degree rotating floor.

Touch of the future in the Water Tower Experience Center. By turning round over the town you can experience the newest technology. Sitting in a comfortable chair you can enjoy the 360˚, breathtaking round panorama of the Lake Balaton. At that time, there opens a fascinating World before you, by some moves of your fingers on the Samsung Surface2 touch screen.

45 meter over the town you can find the technology of the future, enjoy the panorama with a refreshing drink and delicious cake. Quality experience is guaranteed.

Visit us and enjoy a unique view of the high quality and service.

Experiences over the city!


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Opening hours:

1st of June – 30th of September.
Every day: 9.00 – 24.00

1st of October – 31th of May.
Tuesday – Thursday; Sunday: 10.00 - 17.00
Friday: 10.00 - 21.00
Saturday: 10.00 - 22.00
Monday: Closed


Sió-Torony Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
8600 Siófok, Szabadság tér 6286. 

Tax code: 23558061-2-14. 

Registration Number: Cg.14-09-311950
Phone number: 0630/244-8888
E-mail: info@viztorony.com

The Water Tower is OPEN to visit during the whole year.

Visit us and enjoy a unique view of the high quality and service.

Experiences over the city!